• Come See Us At Stuffington's Ceramics and More!

    by Colleen Hannon Come See Us At Stuffington's Ceramics and More!
    We did it!  With a lot of hard work by a lot of awesome people, we now have got a paint-your-own ceramics studio with retail and community space.  ...
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  • Help Us Buy Stuffington's Ceramics and More!

    by Colleen Hannon
    Stuffington's has plans to expand and open up a retail store! Specifically, we’re going to purchase an existing paint your own ceramics studio fr...
  • Masks - Fabric Options

    by Colleen Hannon Custom Order Pentagon Masks in progress with butterfly and unicorn fabric

    All our masks are made of 100% cotton fabric. But you still have options to consider - what color or images on the fabric.

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  • Temporary Halt on Custom Built Ceramic Pieces due to COVID

    by Colleen Hannon
    Due to the extremely long turn around time we're going to put a temporary halt on custom built ceramic items. We don't want to make you wait months for your purchases and we don't want to further burden the few ceramics studios that can fire those items.
  • Why Have Bias Tape Ties On Your Fabric Mask?

    by Colleen Hannon A bunch of bias tape hanging on holders over a door

    The "official" patterns hospitals have been requesting sewists use when they're making masks to donate prefer that you use fabric or bias tape ties that go around the head to tie them on. (see Johns Hopkins instructions, for example)

    But why?

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  • Holiday items have hit the store!

    by Colleen Hannon Red Christmas Light Ornament, customized with the year 2020

    The Holidays are nearly on us.  Some people aren't ready to start yet, but we've decided that we've had enough of the dreary times and we're going to start to bring some holiday cheer in.  We've got several new types of polymer clay Christmas ornaments and gifts available. 

    We've also added two new fastening options to our basic fabric face masks. Now into addition to cotton bias tape ties, you can now choose elastic ear loops with adjustment beads or double-fold elastic bands that go around the head.

    We do have room for commissions at this time, so if you want something special please contact us to discuss what we can do for you.