Temporary Halt on Custom Built Ceramic Pieces due to COVID

by Colleen Hannon

Due to COVID-19, several of our regular ceramics suppliers have been forced to close their doors. This is heartbreaking for so many reasons. We never want to see someone lose their business.

One of the issues this has caused for us is that we've been hard pressed to find places that can fire our custom built clay pieces. We've only been able to find one place reasonably close to us that does the initial high-firing and they have been overwhelmed with business. All those places that have been closing down have been sending customers to them. Items that would have normally taken 3 weeks to complete, (1 week to fire, 1 week to paint and glaze, and then 1 more week to do the final firing) are now taking 5+ weeks just for the initial firing.

Due to the extremely long turn around time we're going to put a temporary halt on custom built ceramic items. We don't want to make you wait months for your purchases and we don't want to further burden the few ceramics studios that can fire those items.

On the plus side, we just purchased about 50 new pre-fired items. These have been through the initial firing process and are ready to be painted and glazed. The glaze firing is at a lower temperature and there are still several local studios that can fire these for us, so the turn around time for these items is only 1-2 weeks!

Give us a few days to unload, photograph, and list these items. As soon as they're up, we'll let you know. Remember, these can be painted in almost any way your heart desires. Want a funny saying on a coffee mug? Want your favorite animated film character on a tile? We can do that and more!

Thank you so much for your continued patience and support through all of this! Words can not express how much we appreciate it.