Come See Us At Stuffington's Ceramics and More!

by Colleen Hannon

We did it!  With a lot of hard work by a lot of awesome people, we now have got a paint-your-own ceramics studio with retail and community space.  Stuffington's Ceramics and More! is a thing.

We're still working hard to get everything settled and organized, but it's in full swing.  The kilns are hard at work!

Stuffington's Ceramics and More: Loading the kiln for the first time!        Stuffington's Ceramics and More! Unloading the kiln for the first time!

Loading for the first time!              Unloading for the first time!

The Facebook page is at There you can find information and inspiration. We're open 7 days a week.  Come on down and meet us in person and paint your ceramics in our newly renovated space!